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Dan's Whetstones are produced from the finest Arkansas Novaculite available!

How to Choose an Arkansas Stone Grade to Suit Your Needs

Soft Arkansas (Medium) is the most popular of the grades of Novaculite. It is an all-purpose stone used by woodcarvers, sportsmen, butchers, commercial knife sharpeners and even housewives. This stone is used by people who desire keen, sharp edge on their knives and tools in a minimum amount of time. Soft Arkansas stones may be white, gray and black, or pink and gray in color.

Hard Arkansas (Fine) is most suitable for fine polishing and the maintenance of a fine edge on knives or tools. Hard Arkansas is often referred to as "White Hard." However, users should be aware that Hard Arkansas often has color variations also. To our knowledge, this color does not interfere with the honing process by any means. Hard Arkansas stones are popular among woodcrafters and a variety of industries including the dental industry.

Translucent Arkansas (Extra Fine) stones are classifications included in the True Hard Arkansas grade category according to specific gravity under density standards. The reason there is a classification in this grade is because of color preferences by customers. Translucent stones may be a uniform, translucent shade of gray, white, yellow, brown and sometimes even pink.

Black Arkansas (Ultra Fine) Black Arkansas stones are black or blue-black in color. This crypto-crystaline novaculite structure is the most dense and therefore has the properties to achieve the finest polished edge possible.