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Hunting Kitchen
SILVER STAG Knives are manufactured by a small team of skilled Blacksmith's and Sportsmen. What differentiates SILVER STAG cutlery is the companies “Hands On” approach to manufacturing. SILVER STAG Knives are not mass produced production knives. Rather each and every knife is hollow ground, assembled, shaped, polished, and sharpened “Free-hand”. While no two finished knives will ever look exactly alike, all SILVER STAG Knives share certain features that make them extraordinary field tools. To start, the blades are designed by sportsmen and are exceptionally practical. The blades are manufactured exclusively from domestically produced High Carbon steel. Authentic North American antler is built into every design. The finished knives are stunningly attractive, incredibly functional, and extremely durable. In summary, the team at SILVER STAG has taken a step back in time when high quality tools were handmade in America by American hands.

Care, Cleaning, and Sharpening

Silver Stag products have been designed to be used! They offer exceptional functionality and durability, however, like any other fine piece of cutlery; they should be treated with care. Silver Stag knives should only be used for specific hunting, fishing, and camping applications. For example, the blades have been designed to cut flesh, meat, hide, soft wood, rope, and additional pliable materials. Our knives are manufactured using high quality Stainless, High Carbon, and Damascus metals, and will corrode and dull-out if neglected, or misused. To help protect your Silver Stag knife from damage, please observe the following guidelines:

After each use, clean foreign substances from your knife blade and handle using fresh water, mild detergent and/or wipe down with rust preventative solution.
Always dry blade thoroughly before returning the knife to its sheath. (Do Not Wash in Dishwasher).

To prevent rust, especially to the Damascus and High Carbon blades, apply a light coat of oil or a rust prevention lubricant to the blade after each use, (WD40,
Gun Oil, other rust protecting lubricants are recommended).

Use the product only for its intended purpose. Do not use the blade as a hacksaw, chisel, pry bar, screwdriver or to cut substances for which it was not designed.